Falling For Reventia's Stone & Sterling Bracelets

Did you know that we have over 140 stone bracelets in our stone bracelet collection now?  Did you know that since the beginning, Reventia has offered over 425 different types and styles of stone bracelets online?  We also experiment with so many different types of stones and share unusual and unique stones from around the world with you!  We recently introduced the BOHO Collection and it has been a BIG hit!  Look for more BOHO Bracelets in the Fall & Winter Collection.  

Many of you know, but it's worth repeating for our first Blog. Our stone bracelets are created and designed by local Reventia artisans collaborating directly with the owner, Sherri. Working closely with Reventia artisans, Sherri handpicks the stone of the highest quality including many of the focal sterling beads, including the BOHO Picasso or Czech focal beads. We use the highest quality stones and sterling silver beads because our sterling community is worth it!   

In designing our stone bracelets, we focus on diversity of style in the sizing of our stone selection, too.  Most of the stones bracelets are 8mm, but we recently introduced our Reventia Stackers which are 6mm, so you can wear one, two, three and more, depending on your style that day.  Our 8mm and 6mm stones and sterling bracelets are only $39!  Occasionally, we offer 10mm and 12mm stone bracelets, too, and sometimes, we mix and combine the sizes for one bracelet if the combination is creatively right.  Our 10mm and 12mm stone bracelets are $59. 

Many of our stones are round and smooth, but occasionally, the stones are "faceted" so we can add some sparkle and shine!  A faceted stone is a type of gemstone cut where the stone has a flat top, polished faces called facets across it and a pointed bottom. This cut refracts the light inside the gem and reflects light on the outside facets of the gemstone, maximizing the stone's brilliance and beauty to sparkle and shine.   

So you know, the sizing of the stone bracelets are measured from the inside and artisans use cones and measurements to create different sizes, but depending on the design of the bracelet and the sizing of the stones, there may be up to 1/8" difference. Don't worry, the bracelet will fit you but recognize that bracelet will not be exactly the same.    

Our stone bracelets rarely go on "sale," because they are reasonably priced at $39 and $59 and priced right from the beginning.  I recall only one promotion earlier this year - ever.  Sometimes, they are sold out within a few days. So if you see and love the stone & sterling bracelet, buy it. 

As you know, it's 925 on Saturday and Reventia will be celebrating this week with its TRIPLE POINTS on all stone bracelets orders from our Stone Bracelet.  Collection.  This is part of Reventia's Sparkle Rewards Program that we started in June 2021.  Earn points for your orders and social media activity and then redeem your points for discounts.  We also have special promotions.  We suggest you buy your favorite bracelets and start shopping for the holidays with these TRIPLE POINTS!   https://reventiasterlingdesigns.com/collections/stone-bracelets-1