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Copy of Learn About Reventia's Field Ambassador! 012521ALC

Interested in being a Field Ambassador?  We have three packages available - $199, $299, and $499.  There are also monthly and quarterly minimums. Please review our FAQ below and if you are interested, please reach out to us at 

Frequently Asked Questions About Reventia’s
Field  Ambassador Program
January 2021

What is the Field Ambassador Program?   With every purchase of beautiful artisan .925 sterling silver jewelry – whether at home parties, wine events, or online,  you are making a difference, because Reventia is dedicated to supporting women’s causes and issues.  Each month, Reventia selects a nonprofit and charity that support women’s health issues, women’s causes, and provides educational and informational materials. As a Field Ambassador, you help us spread the good word about Reventia sterling silver jewelry and our sterling benevolent mission.

Why is Reventia called “The Sterling Difference?”  In addition to our give-back mission with every purchase of jewelry, we focus on women’s diversity and sterling style, so Reventia’s own artisans intentionally create and design our artisan jewelry in multiple sizes and lengths, because women are not one size fits all.  Our stone and sterling silver bracelets are also made by local women artisans for Reventia.  We are also a green company, meaning that your jewelry arrives promptly in one reusable craft box with simple paper packaging.  We do not use plastic bags or bubble wrap in our packaging. We are also different, because we show our appreciation to our sterling customers by offering free shipping on orders of $59 and offering monthly free customer appreciation jewelry on orders of $99 and more.  Sterling customer service and customer appreciation are important to Reventia. 

Is Reventia a pop-up store?  Yes.  Unlike traditional models, Reventia is an authentic pop-up artisan shop.  We pop-in new sterling silver jewelry every Thursday, now known as “Jewelry Thursday.”  We also pop-in new jewelry on “Sunday Just One Day!” Every Sunday, we add new jewelry to Just One Sunday, but there is only one.  As a pop-up artisan shop, we do not overstock our inventory, so if you love it, buy it.     

Does Reventia offer catalogs?  No for several reasons.  First, we are a green company so we purposely do not offer catalogs.  Second, we are a pop-up artisan shop so we are always popping in new jewelry, so a catalog generated a few weeks earlier would be outdated.  Third, many of our stone bracelets and jewelry are limited in quantities, so any catalog showcasing stone bracelets and jewelry would be outdated.    

Why are Reventia’s stone bracelets limited?   There are several reasons.  First, the availability of the stones is limited.  We use the highest quality stones in our jewelry and the owner personally handpicks the stones and is very selective.  So, the stone selection is limited at times.  Second, when reordering stones, the stones can be slightly different in color or marbling, so Reventia is not able to artistically generate the same stone bracelet.  Third, the sterling focal beads are simply not available in mass production at times by the individual artisans who make the sterling focal beads.  Sometimes, they make only 20 or 24.  Similarly, the Picasso and Czech glass focal beads used exclusively in our BOHO Collection are limited and not available in bulk. 

How do Field Ambassadors sell without a catalog?  Reventia’s website is updated daily and has the latest sterling silver jewelry collection and information.  We believe that online sales and online parties using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the trends of the future.  Therefore, Reventia routinely changes the graphics on the website, too, to keep things current and fresh! 

Do Field Ambassadors need social media platforms?  Yes.  To effectively showcase Reventia’s jewelry, to expand your sterling community, and to maximize your sales, you should have at least two social media accounts – Facebook and Instagram.  With Facebook, you should create a private and exclusive Reventia business group.  You can create events using Facebook for your parties, too.  Instagram is a public social media platform, but using Instagram to showcase Reventia’s jewelry is another good vehicle to share with your customers, especially with weekly jewelry popping into the line.

Should Field Ambassadors encourage their customers to “like” Reventia’s public Facebook page or to follow Reventia on Instagram?  Yes.  These are great vehicles for your sterling customers to stay in touch with Reventia’s most up to date jewelry and Reventia’s community.   

Do Field Ambassadors do home parties?  Yes.  So long as it is safe to do so with covid, you may do home parties.  Home parties have been a traditional vehicle in direct sales to generate interest in the jewelry and to boast sales and Reventia has generous hostess benefits.  While home parties could generate new sterling customers, especially after they see the jewelry collection and stone bracelets, every effort should be made to have potential customers preview the jewelry online.  You may want to consider a Facebook event leading to the home party, where you showcase Reventia’s jewelry.  You could generate pre-event sales and post-event sales.  So, we encourage you to use social media platforms in conjunction with your home parties.  Of course, Reventia Field Ambassadors can do parties on Facebook by creating an event.       

What do you get when you become a Field Ambassador?  By becoming a Field Ambassador, you get the following: 

*  30% commission of your retail sales

*  access to your own website link

*  access to your own Reventia back office to track your orders and your team orders

*  35% off Reventia jewelry in the first 5 days of your sign-up to build your inventory as a Field Ambassador (not commissionable)

*  access to exclusive Reventia content to drive your sales on social media   platforms, like graphics and content

* access to private FB groups for important updates, special promotions, special recognition, ongoing and updated information, content, and graphics

*  direct access to Melissa Greim, Senior Director of Sales & Development for training and development

*  access to special promotional incentives for Field Ambassadors

*  required minimum of sales $750/month or $2250/quarterly, beginning the following 1st day of the month of your sign-up 

*  hosting parties on social media platforms or events

How Do I Get Paid For My Sales?   We pay Ambassador commission via Paypal, a free service that is very quick and easy to sign up for.  To apply as a Field Ambassador, you are required to have a Paypal to sign up.  Head to to create your account if you do not have one. 

When Do I Get Paid For My Sales?  Reventia has two cycles for payments – sales generated from 1-15th of each month and from 16-31th of each month.  You will get paid within 48 hours at the end of each cycle.  Any override commissions you may earn will be paid by the 5th of each month.     

Are There Any Field Ambassador Packages?   There are three Field Ambassador packages, $199, $299 and $499.  If you don’t want to purchase any jewelry packages, you could sign up for $99.  No jewelry or business products are included in the $99 sign up. Upon completion of your first year, you may continue being a Field Ambassador for $99.

What Are the Field Ambassador Rewards?  As part of Reventia’s Field Ambassador Program, you could earn 30% commission on retail sales.  If there is any overage of hostess rewards, you earn 30% commission on any hostess overage.  You do not earn commission on hostess rewards or special 35% discounts.  

Do Field Ambassadors Need to Be Meet Certain Sales Quota or amount?  Yes.  Beginning on the 1st of  the following month of your sign-up date, Field Ambassadors are required to do $750 in monthly sales or $2250 in quarterly sales.  So if you sign up on the 5th of  February, your sales minimum will begin on the 1st of March.  Of course, we may consider any unusual circumstances that may rise that prevents you from these quarterly requirements on a case-by-case basis.     

Do Field Ambassadors Receive Any Discounts?  You may purchase Reventia jewelry at a 35% discount when you first sign up as a Field Ambassador for a period of five days.  You will receive a discount code upon your request.  This is non-commissionable and does not contribute to your monthly sales total.   After this five day period, we recommend you purchase your orders through your own links to earn commission on the sales at 30%.  This will add to your monthly or quarterly goals.  Your personal orders, however, should not be added to any party orders for hostess rewards.  Occasionally, Reventia will offer the 35% non-commissionable discount for Field Ambassadors on special promotions.

Can Field Ambassadors Do Parties?  Unlike Brand Ambassadors, Field Ambassadors may do parties under the Reventia hostess reward program.  

Are there limitations with the Reventia Hostess Reward Program?  Yes.  Any hosted party is limited to two weeks and must close within five days of the party’s closure.  There are other limitation of a hosted party: (1) you may do one debut party, where you are the hostess, for two weeks when you start to earn free jewelry as a hostess;  (2) you may occasionally do a mystery host party (explained further below), but we limit the mystery host parties to once every three months; (3) you may do unlimited parties where you have a hostess, but that party must have a designated time and date and only last up to two weeks online;  (4)  you must submit the hostess rewards form (further discussed below) by the last day of the month.  A hosted party is not pulling random orders together to generate a party and you should not be the hostess unless you are hosting a specific event, like the debut party.        

Do I set up the parties online or is there a party link?  No. Reventia does not offer party links to your hosted parties. As a Field Ambassador, you must keep track of the hostess rewards and submit the hostess form, which you will receive when you sign up, to  You need to submit the form by email with five days of the party’s closure.  If you use your own link to the website for the hosted parties, you will see these orders on your dashboard and you can attribute them to the specific party. For example, if you are doing a Facebook party, you should consistently use your link on the social media post.  If a party customer forgets to use your link to the website and shops directly on the website, the order will eventually be tracked to you. We have a team at Reventia that reviews all orders and assigned them to the appropriate Field Ambassador, Brand Ambassador, or Field Director within 24 hours of the order.      

Do Field Ambassadors have their own back office?   Yes.  As part of Reventia’s Field  Ambassador Program, you will login and have your own access to your business’ dashboard to track your sales, see the individual orders, track the individual orders, your team history, and accounts settings.

How Do We Stay InformedReventia operates a private Facebook group, where we provide social media graphics and content to share on your own business pages – there is no need to reinvent the wheel!  You can also copy and share social media graphics and photographs from our public business page – Reventia Sterling Designs – and our Instagram accounts.  If you share a public social media graphic to your private Reventia business page, please make certain you refer and add your own link.   We also provide updates, announcements, and relevant information on the private Facebook group.  You will also have a direct link to Melissa Greim, Reventia’s Senior Director of Sales and Development.  

How Does Reventia Introduce New JewelryReventia has new jewelry every week (on Thursdays) and we also add “Just One” jewelry every Sunday to the “Just One Collection.”  

Does Reventia Use Brass?  No.  We are a no-brass company.  We are a sterling silver company primarily, but we added a BOHO Collection this year.  The BOHO bracelets are very popular and use Czech or Picasso glass.  If you see any gold in our jewelry, like in our BOHO bracelets, it is not brass.  The gold is our jewelry is gold hematite.  We never use brass for several reasons.  In our view, brass could leave an unsightly green color on your skin.  Brass contains a combination of zinc and cooper (and sometimes nickle). And because of the oils in your skin, combined with the air’s oxygen and humidity,  this can cause further discoloration of the brass.  Cleaning the brass can be harsh to the sterling silver.  Brass is also cheaper than sterling silver and we feel the customer is not getting the full value of sterling silver.  At Reventia, we choose to say no to brass. 


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