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About Reventia

Making a Sterling Difference

Welcome to Reventia Sterling Designs, where our handcrafted .925 sterling silver jewelry makes you sparkly and benevolent! We are women helping women.

With every purchase of beautiful .925 sterling silver jewelry - whether at home parties, wine parties, events or from online sales - you are making a difference because Reventia is dedicated to supporting women’s issues and causes. Each month, Reventia selects a nonprofit and charity that supports women's health issues, women's causes and provides educational and informational materials.  

Moreover, we focus on women's diversity and style so we intentionally create and design our artisan jewelry in multiple sizes and lengths because women are not one size fits all.  Visit our stone bracelets in the "Stone Bracelet Collection" designed by U.S. artisans in multiple sizes to fit every women's wrist.  Several sterling bracelets are created in different sizes, too!     

We are different because we are a green company.  Go Green!  At Reventia, your jewelry will promptly arrive in one reusable craft box with simple paper packaging. Your jewelry will be in a tarnish free envelope to reuse.   

Plus, at Reventia, we appreciate our sterling customers and offer free shipping over $59.  And, we have monthly Customer Specials - because we love our sterling customers.  Each month, Reventia offers customer's appreciation jewelry - and they are free with $99 purchase.

Diversity In Sizes & Styles

Reventia Supports Nonprofits

Free Shipping With $59 Reventia Order

Go Green - Reventia is a green company!