Reventia Brand Ambassador

Love Reventia and want to share with your family, friends and community, while making some extra cash?  Consider signing up for our Brand Ambassador Program (Affiliate Program).  You'll get exclusive discounts, your own personalized website with your name to share with your friends and family, your own dashboard to track your sales, special swag, and commission when someone shops on your website. 


          Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Reventia Brand Ambassador?  You help us spread the good word about Reventia sterling silver jewelry and benevolent mission, and showing your love for Reventia’s brand, while scoring free jewelry and commission along the way!  Our Brand Ambassadors are active in their online communities and on social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, and are motivated to have beautiful sterling silver jewelry and giving back.  We make the world a better place by giving back in sterling style.    

To become a Reventia Brand Ambassador, you must be active on Instagram or Facebook, over the age of 18.  You must reside in the U.S.

What Do You Get When You Become a Brand Ambassador?  By becoming a Brand Ambassador for Reventia, you get the following:

*  15% commission of your sales

*  access to your own website that you share with your friends, family and community

*  access to your own Reventia dashboard to track your progress, track your sales

*  access to exclusive Reventia content to drive your sales on social media platforms, like graphics and content

*  access to special promotional incentives for Brand Ambassadors


*  work anytime from your phone or where there is internet access

*  work from anywhere

*  carry NO INVENTORY   


*  your customers get special perks like the Sparkle Rewards Program 

*  Reventia has new jewelry every week (on Thursdays) and adds “just one” pieces every Sunday to the Just One Collection to promote activity on your website.

*  access to exclusive Facebook Group (Reventia Brand Ambassadors) for important updates, special promotions, special recognition, and ongoing information about Reventia.

 How Do I Get Paid For My Sales?   To make Brand Ambassador payments, we pay Ambassador commission via Paypal, a free service that is very quick and easy to sign up for.  To apply as a Brand Ambassador, you are required to have a Paypal to sign up.  Head to to create your account if you do not have one. You will get paid approximately 15 days after any orders assigned to you. 

Are There Any Fees?  No.

Do Brand Ambassadors Need to Be Meet Certain Sales Quota or amount? No.  There is no minimums for Brand Ambassadors.  The program is designed for what you want to make of it.  Of course, the more investment in your business, the better the payoff with commission.  You can also earn free jewelry or other discounts by meeting certain goals.  You can also have special access to customer specials by meeting certain goals.  

Do My Own Orders Apply?  Yes!  You get commission on your individual orders!  

Why are we called “Brand Ambassadors”?   Our Brand Ambassador do so much more than being just a “rep” at Reventia.  They will be our biggest, most passionate fans who help spread the word about Reventia and Reventia’s benevolent mission through social media.    

Do Brand Ambassadors Receive Any Discounts?  No.  We recommend you purchase your orders through your own links to earn commission on the sales.  Depending on the Brand Ambassador promotions, you may earn free jewelry or extra perks and discounts depending on your sales and will given a special code, once you qualify.  

What Are Brand Ambassador Rules?  Your participation in the Brand Ambassador Program is governed by the Program Terms which contains the rules of the program.  Below are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Brand Ambassador Program rules.  These rules are very important so we hope that you will read through them carefully.

  1. You must be 18 or older to be a Brand Ambassador.
  2. Please don’t place your own link in the comments of Reventia’s Business and Public Social Media Channels or Social Media Posts (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). The graphics and contents are for you to “share” on your own Reventia business pages and groups where you can certainly use your link.
  3. Do not sell Reventia jewelry at events of any kind (ex. farmer's markets, vendor events, home parties, etc..). While you could show your jewelry to your friends, family, and community, your customers must order online using your link.
  4. Because there is no party, there are no hostess rewards.  
  5. Remember that the purpose of the Reventia Brand Ambassador program is to bring new friends to the brand, help spread the Reventia’s benevolent mission, and create a positive and supportive environment!

What Are the Brand Ambassador Rewards?  As part of Reventia’s Brand Ambassador Program, you could earn free jewelry in addition to your 15% commission.  The more sales you make, the more money you make and the more rewards you can earn.  

Do Brand Ambassadors have their own dashboard?   Yes.  As part of Reventia’s Brand Ambassador Program, you will login and have your own access to your business’ dashboard to track your sales, your payment history, your shopping link, conversion details, PayPal information and accounts settings. Your dashboard contains social media graphics and contents, sample emails to use, training, and other good information to support your business.

How Do We Stay Informed?   Reventia will also provide social media graphics and content to share on your own business pages – there is no need to reinvent the wheel!.  You will also join Reventia’s private FB group for Brand Ambassadors.

The graphics and contents will be available on Reventia’s Brand Ambassador Facebook group, and on Reventia’s public business social media channels to copy.  But, when transferring or copying, please make sure you insert your link to your social media platforms to get credit for the sales.  You should always provide your link on any posts.