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The Sterling Difference

With every purchase of beautiful .925 sterling silver jewelry - whether at home parties, events or from online and social media events, you are making a difference because Reventia is dedicated to supporting causes that benefit the health and well being of women.

It's the Sterling Difference.

Inn March, Reventia is supporting the Red Cross.


Did you know that the Red Cross helps members of the military, veterans, and their families prepare for, cope with, and respond to, the challenges of military service?  Since 9/11, the Red Cross has served more than 1 million military families since 9/11.  Volunteers provide home comforts and critical services on bases in military hospitals around the world.  They support military families during deployments and emergencies.  They continue to serve the nation's veterans after their service ends. 

Did you know that the Red Cross provides services on all military installations in the U.S. and on 36 overseas installations?Did you know that each year, the Red Cross provides nearly 471,000 services to service members, veterans, and their families? 

Did you know that Local Red Cross chapters brief more than 787,000 service members and their families each year through the "Get To KNow Us Before You Need Us Program"?

Did you know that the Red Cross has been serving the military for more than 135 years and has deployed along side military in every U.S.conflict since the Spanish-American War? 


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